Hailing from Nottingham, UK, Damian Henderson, aka ‘DJ Damian ‘ or  ‘D-Omen’ is better known for being the UK’s first and original child techno DJ of the 90’s, smashing it at venues and parties all over the UK from the tender age of 10, alongside his early influences: Tribal Unity, Desert Storm, Spiral Tribe, D.I.Y, SmokeScreen & BWPT, along with notable artists such as CJ Bolland, Ralph Lawson, Luke Solomon, Luke Slater, Mark Hawkins/Ugly Funk, & Eat Static, which followed with a full page review in DJ Mag (aged 11)

A young DJ Damian Age 10, performing as a DJ at a Festival in 1996
DJ Damian, Age 11

After a ten year break focusing on sound design and music production, he made a live performance come back and stance across Europe in 2017 with the support of “Desert Storm Sound System” He then made an appearance on live UK TV on “Notts TV”, playing the introduction and ending using two Korg Electribe 2’s, this was followed by a showcase interview at the KORG UK headquarters.

2018 saw Damian hone his hardware only live set from Berlin to the Ukraine, 2019 he focused on selective events from across the UK & Europe, including performances at two official stages at the UK’s legendary “Glastonbury Festival”.

Damian playing live music at Glastonbury Festival UK in 2019
Glastonbury Festival UK, 2019
Damian Henderson performing live music at Korg UK
Korg UK Interview & Product Showcase

Damian’s most notable production releases started with a debut album “Lost In Darkness” on UK based “Borg Recordings”, followed by several digital releases and a second album “Modulation Drones” on Body Control Records from the USA in 2015, and notable vinyl releases on: YaYa23 Records 002 | Bombtrap Records 10 Year Anniversary | Subsonic Records 001 | Subsonic Records 005 (under his alias “Mindsync”) and DStorm Records 007 & 009 from Desert Storm Sound System, with support from the likes of Dave Clarke & Freddy Fresh.

His other recent works include remix projects with Si Begg, (under his alias Mindsync) a remix for RIOT Radio Records “RIOT” by The Horrorist, “Electro Vibes” LP released in July 2021 on Barcelona based Diffuse Reality Records, and “D-Omen – Techfafresh” on Freddy Fresh’s legendary “Analog Records”

A vinyl release from Damian D-Omen, on DStorm Records 12 inch Vinyl.
D-Omen RaveStorm EP
DStorm Records 007
A vinyl release from Damian's alias Mindsync, on Berlin Based Subsonic Records, Vinyl 12 Inch
Berlin Based, Subsonic Records 005

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